Monday, January 9, 2017

Once in a while, you might have felt the need to create new ideas for your business or for yourself. But, our thought process never originates on its own, we have to probe into the source of knowledge from ideas.
But, how can we get clarity of mind? A bit of knowledge of vastu makes a big difference in opening our minds to fresh ideas.
 Using the principles of Vastu, the placement of the right object at the right zone works wonder as its energy eliminates the negative effect of that respective zone. So, a balance is restored but how is it possible? Let’s find out!
The Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Space are the five main elements of nature, also known as panchtattava and greatly affect our intellect, mind and soul. Based on the right balance of these elements in the different Vastu zones, there are some useful Vastu tips offered below:
The study table should be ideally placed in the West-South-West zone of your home.
Place a wooden pyramid in the North-East zone of your home.
Sharpen your skills by placing an Eagle in the South-West zone of your workplace.
Tattva- Shuddhi and Amplifier Techniques

When Tattva-Shuddhi and Amplifier techniques are applied in your kitchen, they can promote clarity of mind.


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