Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Diet Tips For Working Woman

You must have heard most of the time that woman need more healthy diet than man. Why? Because they work as compare to man. They have double work schedule.  They must maintain a right and diet schedule.
Here are some tips they should follow:
  1. Bring Homemade Food : It is very important for a lady to bring homemade food to office. They must avoid having meal from office cafeteria. Bring homemade tiffin of your own choice.
  1. Avoid Processed Food: It is advisable to every woman to processed food as much as they can. Now this is the time to clean out your kitchen from processed food and bring fresh vegetables at your home.
  1. Have a Balanced Diet : In order to keep yourself healthy, you must have a balanced diet. Your lunch box must have one leafy vegetable daily. Try to have one milk product daily as woman needs more calcium.
  1. Do Not Consume Junk Food At Work : Try to avoid junk food daily at office. It is advisable to carry some fruits or healthy snacks like dry fruits, sweet potato fries, pop corn snacks if you feel hungry in between working hours.
  1. Drink Enough Water : Always carry a water bottle with you at office. Try to avoid drinking water from office.

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