Wednesday, February 1, 2017


For many small business cost is a major barrier when it comes to marketing and advertising. People don’t know about their product because they lack in advertising. Advertising helps in attracting more and more customers but due to budget constraint their product is not able to reach its customers.
Here are some cheap and interesting ways to advertise your product :
  1. Use Flyers and prints : Flyers has a long term effect. You can distribute your flyers yourself or can hire a person who will do this work for you. These flyers usually works better for small business because their target audience is local area.
  2. Build your Own Website : Where is a place where customers have access to all the information about the company. Give customers access to book your services through website. It should also includes reviews by other customers .
    Website Designing
  1. Get An Email Service : Get an email service and send mil, newsletters and offers/discounts to your customers. Don’t send emails daily.
    E-mail Marketing
  2. Handover Your Business Cards : Don’t forget to handover your business cards to people you meet every time. Call your friends and relatives and tell them about your business.
    Business Card
  3. Handover Your Business Cards To Vendors : Handover your cards not only to your friends and relatives but also to your vendors. Ask them if they can use their product or services or can further distribute your cards to their customers.
  4. Set Your Business Profile On Social Media : Make your business presence on all social networking sites. Make sure that your social page includes your complete business description. Try to Use maximum keywords in it.
    Social Media
  5. Write Blogs : To increase traffic on your site start writing blog for your business. It will help in increasing customer engagement.
    Start Blogging
  6. List Your Business In Search Directories : Start listing your company on search directories. Google and Bing offers free listing for local business. There are many more sites also that provides free listing. It will help in improving your website ranking.
    Business Listing

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