Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Top 5 point while hiring CA(CHARTED ACCOUNTANT)

A business can reach its high, only when it has a strong financial base. The charted Accountants mostly work under some firms. So it is very important to check all these firms before hiring. The larger accounting firm provides better services. Here are some points to consider before hiring a charted accountant:
  1. Hire An Experienced Professional: One should always go for experienced professional. This is because they have better analytical skills.

  2. Consider Referrals: Every one go by word of mouth while hiring charted accountant. It gives double assurance to the people.

  3. Hire Only Licensed People: Every person to get into the profession of accountancy has to get a certain degree of education. So before hiring any professional for your firm check this aspect.

  4. Check Business Need: Before hiring any profession from the firm, Check out you business needs. Determine what all services you need from the charted accountant.

  5. Ask What They ChargeAsk them how much they charge for services because money matters. You have to quantify what their fee includes.

But always remember "Only charted accountant can save the world ! Through peace, goodwill and reconciliations".

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